Association of Friends of the IFK International Research Centre for Cultural Studies

Following its establishment in 1992, this non-profit association managed the IFK International Research Center from its inception in 1993 until its integration into the University of Arts and Design Linz in early 2015.

In the course of this integration, the organization was transformed into a friends’ association; its name was changed accordingly and its function shifted from managing the research center to supporting its activities.

The main goals of this association are the establishment of the cultural studies in the Austrian research and scientific knowledge landscapes, the promotion of the internationalization of science, and the advancement of young scientists.


Projects supported by the association:


Publication series Schauplätze der Evidenz (Scenes of Evidence) (Overview on the website of the campus editorial)

Issue 1: Schwarz/Weiß als Evidenz (Black and White as Evidence),
by Monika Wagner, Helmut Lethen, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2015

Issue 2: Auf die Wirklichkeit zeigen. Zum Problem der Evidenz in den Kulturwissenschaften. (Pointing out Reality. About the Problem of Evidence in Cultural Studies.)
By Helmut Lethen, Ludwig Jäger, Albrecht Koschorke, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2015

Issue 3: Agon und Ares. Der Krieg und die Spiele (Agon and Ares. War and Games.), by Ernst Strouhal, Frankfurt/Main, Germany 2016

Issue 4: Auf Tuchfühlung. Eine Wissensgeschichte des Tastsinns. (Close Contact. A History of Knowledge of Tactile Perception)
by Karin Harrasser, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2017


International research network BTWH (Berkeley/Tübingen/Vienna/Harvard)


Relaunch of the IFK_Website 2017


ZVR no.: 519811694


Purpose of the Association as per statutes: “This association, which acts as a non-profit organization, aims to promote interdisciplinary research as well as the training of young researchers in the area of cultural studies and for this purpose, supports a research center.”


Board members:

Chairperson: Dipl.-Kfm. Wilhelmine Goldmann

Deputy Chairperson: Dr. Ingo Zechner

Treasurer: Dr. Manfred Pittioni

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Moritz Csáky

Hon.-Prof. Dr. Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat

Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Gabriella Hauch

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arnold Schmidt



Mag. Dr. Roman Gröger

Hon.-Prof. Dr. Lorenz Mikoletzky



Mag.a Viola Eichberger